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Kerala Dances and Arts

Kerala Arts and Dances

Dance is an integral part of the lives of the people of Kerala. In this wondrous state no celebration is complete without dance and music. The people of the state are great patrons of art and literature and foster their love of art through various forms of dances and theatrical exhibitions like Kathakali, Mohiniattam etc. Kerala dances will surely capture your heart with their beauty.
Keralites are equally fond of Carnatic and Hindustani music. Maharaja Swati Tirunal Ramavarma, a famous music composer of Kerala has left behind a rich legacy of songs in the form of kritis, vernams and padams in the karnatic style and khayals, thumris and drupads in the Hindustani style. Kerala dances are the major attractions of this enchanting state.

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Kathakali Dance of Kerala

Kathakali DanceOriginated over 500 years ago, Kathakali is a spectacular classical dance form of Kerala. It is a combination of drama, dance, music and ritual. Kathakali is one of the oldest theatre forms in the world. The word 'Katha' in Malayalam means Story and 'kali' means Play. Thus Kathakali literally means 'Story-Play'.
Kathakali Dance Form »

Theyyam Kerala Dance Form

Kathakali DanceTheyyam other wise known as Kaliyattam or Thirayattam, is one of the most outstanding folk arts of Kerala. Just as the name Kaliyattam indicates, it is a sacred ritual dance performed to glorify the goddess Kaali. The term 'Theyyam' is supposed to be the corrupt form of the Malayalam word 'Daivam', meaning God.
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Kathakali DanceThe word 'Thullal' means 'Caper' or 'to leap or jump about playfully'. This art form emerged in the eighteenth century. A solo performance combining both dance and recitation, thullal is the explication of a tale - normally drawn from the puranas, narrated in verse.
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Koodiyattam Dance Form

Kathakali DanceKoodiyattam is the earliest classical dramatic art form of Kerala. Evidence show that this dance form was in vogue in all major temples from ninth century, and it became a full-fledged dramatic presentation before the fifteenth century. Koodiyattam literally means "acting together".
Koodiyattam Dance Form »

Duffmuttu or Aravanmuttu

Kathakali DanceDuffmuttu (also known as Aravanmuttu or Arbanamuttu) is a dance form particular to the Muslim community of Kerala. The origin of Duffmutt can be traced back to the Arabs. It is still accompanied by Arabic music. The name Duffmuttu is attributed to the use of an instrument called duff or tap.
Daffmuttu »

Oppana Dance

Kathakali DanceOppana is a dance form specific to the Muslim community of Kerala. Oppana is usually a bridal group dance performed the day before the wedding day. It is a dance form essential to the wedding entertainment and festivities of the Muslims especially in the Malabar region of Kerala.
Oppana Dance Kerala »

Kaikottikali or Thiruvathirakali

Kathakali DanceKaikottikkali, also known as Thiruvathirakali, is a very popular group dance of Kerala. Thiruvathirakali is performed by the women of Hindu community, often during festive seasons like Onam and the Thiruvathira day in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December- January).
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Margamkali of Kerala

Kathakali DanceMargamkali is a very ancient and the most popular artistic performance prevalent among the Syrian Christians of Kerala. Margamkali is performed mainly by men on festive occasions, especially during the time of marriage.
Margamkali Dance Kerala »

Thitambu Nritham

Kathakali DanceNorth Kerala has many rich art traditions, of which "Thitambu Nritham" is one. It is mainly performed by Namboothiris of this part of Kerala, and rarely other Braahmanan communities, say for example, Embranthiris.
Thitambunritham »


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